Episcopal Diocese of New York

Welcome to the Episcopal Diocese of New York ...nearly 200 congregations encompassing Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island in New York City, and the counties of Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Sullivan, Ulster and Westchester.

Beaver Cross Camp

Beaver Cross Ministries, an outreach of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany, is dedicated to offering youth from all walks of life, opportunities to encounter the Lord Jesus Christ in a real way through both Summer Camp and year-round Youth Ministry! Beaver Cross Overnight Camp and Day Camp, located in Greenwich, NY, less than 20 miles from Saratoga Springs, provide youth, grades K-12, opportunities to explore and deepen their faith. Through dynamic Biblical teaching, fellowship in a Christian community, and awesome camp activities, new friendships are created and old ones rekindled as BC Campers laugh and learn together in an environment devoted to faith, friendship and fun! Cultivating the faith of a child, while nurturing the faith of our youth! Matthew 18:3-5

Holy Cross Monastery

We are . . . An Anglican Benedictine Community of Men As a community of prayer and worship, our service to the world includes the ministry of hospitality. We offer visits, retreats, lodging, measl, gifts and special services - see our website for more.

The Episcopal Cafe

A website that collects Episcopal news from around the world and presents it in a magazine format

Christian Resource Ministry

Christian Resource Ministry is building a network of connections with other community resources, whether it be food pantries, government programs and other churches. If you have a need but don’t know where to find the help you are looking for contact Barb Zelie, your fellow Christ Church parishioner and CRM board member.

 In addition, CRM coordinates sunshine baskets for those in the community who could use encouragement. If you know someone who could use a basket fill out the request form here


Rural & Migrant Ministry

Since 1981 Rural & Migrant Ministry, a statewide, non-profit organization, has been standing proudly with the the rural and migrant communities throughout New York. We act to overcome the prejudices and poverty that degrade and debilitate people within rural New York by building communities that celebrate diversity, achieve true mutuality and fight for dignity and opportunity to all. We work with rural leaders, both young and older, who are committed to equality and cooperative opportunity, especially within agricultural systems. We also support people in faith, labor and university communities who seek to stand with rural leaders as allies.

The Town Of Red Hook, NY

More about the town of Red Hook in the Hudson Valley

Online Christian Therapists

Christian therapists address many of the same issues as therapists who don’t incorporate a particular faith into their practices. You may work with a Christian therapist if you have a psychological disorder, such as anxiety or depression. Some Christian therapists work with couples, addressing issues, such as marital infidelity and poor communication.

Talking to a Christian therapist makes it easier to handle stressful circumstances in your life. Your therapist can help you improve your communication skills, set boundaries, and avoid repeating harmful behaviors. A Christian therapist near you can help you find healthy ways to relieve stress at work and school.

Village Hardscrabble Day

Take a look at the rest of Hardscrabble day in the village of Red Hook in the Hudson Valley