Hardscrabble Day


7423 South Broadway, Red Hook, NY. 12571


Hardscrabble Day

Saturday 17th September 2022

Hardscrabble day is a celebration of the foundation of Red Hook with town-wide community events and stalls of all kinds.  Come join in the fun.  

It’s time to prepare for Red Hook’s Hardscrabble Day.  There are many events planned for this date and our craft/flea market is one of them.

The greater number of stalls bought new customers and more foot traffic – and more business!  Regarding the stall placements, because there may be children’s games played on Hardscrabble Day we have limited availability along South Broadway.

Stall numbers can be requested any time from 6 weeks before the day itself using this website.   We will also open up Market Street again if all other stalls are occupied.

Please send an email to christchurchofredhook@gmail.com  if you have questions

STALL AVAILABILITY: Please click on the stall availability below.  All stall colored in dark green HAVE ALREADY BEEN TAKEN. Please choose one or more of the available stalls and request them in the vendor request form (also below).  After you submit the request you will be automatically directed to a payment screen  We highly recommend paying online (its safe and secure) because stalls are not guaranteed UNTIL PAYMENT IS RECEIVED.

Each stall has 10ft of frontage with a 10ft depth (except stalls 4-8 which can have greater area) and will be marked with white lines to indicate your area. Please remember, if your stall is greater than 10ft in depth, we cannot guarantee any further footage.  If we can accommodate you we will, but larger stalls will incur a surcharge so as to be fair to those paying extra for greater footage.


Every effort will be made to accommodate returning vendors as a priority, however, reservations are a necessity, and will be prioritized on a first come first served basis. If you have a favorite position, please email as soon as possible on Saturday to get that location this year. Locations may be changed on the day if no one else is occupying the space with the approval of Christ Church, and each space will be clearly marked and numbered.  


The church will call cancellations due to weather.  We will either refund the money or reserve you a place in the next market.


Set up begins at 8am.  Each position is $35.

 A reservation is only held for those who are paid in advance.  Places are held until 9am (If you come late, you can still set up; but it may not be where you planned).  If you do not show there are no refunds. There is no close down time, though vendors must leave between 4 and 5 pm.  Please remove all trash and “leave no trace behind”,

Thank you.

Christ Church

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