October 2019  
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All program adults teaching our Sunday School are well-trained Godly Play leaders. Because Godly Play is a dynamic, spiritual practice, training is essential to every Godly Play program.

All adults in the Godly Play room attend Core Godly Play training before beginning to teach Godly Play. Core training equips Storytellers and Doorpersons with the skills and processes to lead Godly Play sessions with children.

Core training highlights the main theology of Godly Play, which allows administrators to create the Godly Play environment to maintain theological integrity while working through the constraints of the physical space or the timing of Godly Play sessions in the worship schedule.

Our investment in trained adults has led to an energy and enthusiasm that has resulted in a growing class of children from aged 6 to aged 14 and ultimately a thriving program led by adults who understand the work of mentoring children’s spirituality and its importance in the church and the world.

Godly play is a great opportunity for kids to grow spiritually and learn about bible stories that will stick with them their whole lives.